April 16, 2009

off week

I think I'm having a bit of an off-week for crafting. It's perfectly normal for me to not have time to do it in the early half of the week, like Monday/Tuesday, due to my work schedule. But I haven't had time to do anything else this week either, really. And, oddly, haven't particularly felt much like it either. I did pick some scraps out of my fabric stash yesterday in hopes of making myself a new iPod case, and sketched out the start of a pattern, but didn't actually do any work on it. And I won't get any in this weekend, either...had some last-minute plans come up that are pretty much going to take up the entire thing. I'm thinking a good bit of it is just that I can't cut anything out-- table's still pretty cluttered.

Hoping I get my mojo back soon. And that the table clears off. I have some jeans to beat into submission!


  1. Most creative people have a little lapse once in a while. You'll be back with loads of inspiration before long!

  2. It's almost like writer's block, but it doesn't last forever, thank goodness! I think gwen is right--we all have a little lapse once in a while. Think of it as your creative thoughts giving themselves a chance to 'regroup.'

    LOL--the word verification is 'scers.' Would that be a half-pair of scissors?


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