August 8, 2008

Friday Favorites, Episode 20 (and some belated Project Runway thoughts)

A short edition today, but that's ok.

1. My friends J, C and I used to do this thing on occasion where we'd get together our clothes that were destined for the thrift store anyway and dig through each other's stuff to see if there was anything we wanted to take. I think they call them "Naked Lady parties" around the interweb. It was kind of fun, and it always amuses me to see one of them wearing a shirt that used to be mine. The point of this story: Crafting A Green World had a post about a site called Dig N' Swap, which is basically the same thing, on a larger and more anonymous scale. It's a neat concept-- you post your clothes, if someone wants it they offer you an article of clothing in exchange, and it's free. I like free.

2. Mirela at Cutting Edge Stitches N' Seams consistently turns out all this beautiful, professional-looking stuff. And she posted a nice list of tips for working with stretch fabrics. Including avoiding those awful wavy seam lines that are a dead giveaway that it's a homemade outfit.

3. Just in time for me to be wanting to work on an embroidery project, I found a tutorial for transferring patterns to fabric. It's at a blog called Elemental Stitches, but I found it through My Half of the Brain.

Regarding PR...

Oh, Blayne. All the UV rays from your tanning addiction must have done unspeakably awful things to your brain. How else could you have NOT heard of one of the most quintessential rock albums from one of the most famous bands in the history of recorded music?!? The Beatles fan in me is appalled. Especially since I'm not that much older than you.

Didn't like either of the bottom two's outfits this week. With the hairstyle, Daniel's outfit made me think of Betty Boop, while the first thing I thought of when I saw Jennifer's sketch was Japanese anime schoolgirl. Wasn't really a fan of Jarell's either-- the mix of prints was well-done, but the outfit itself looked straight out of Titanic and that is not one of my favorite movies ever. I actually liked Joe's the best-- it just looked cute and sporty, and the most "Olympic" to me. And I agreed with Heidi that the two-tone zipper was very clever. I'm not sure how he did it, because I've never been able to put a zipper back together once it busts apart. I am glad that Korto won, though, because I just like her for some reason I haven't been able to put my finger on yet. I did really like Terri's as well--while I hate officewear and am glad I'm in a career where I can avoid it, jackets are one of my favorite fall/winter layering looks, and I really liked hers.

And now, off to finish dinner, because I'm hoping to sew some tonight. And I have a little hippie craft extravaganza planned for myself tomorrow, so we'll see how my plan works out!

Also, no pics of Sadie yet. Hopefully also tomorrow.


  1. That is so cool that you & your friends used to have impromptu clothing swaps. We have a local thrift store that sponsors community swaps that are very fun and I came away from my first one with lots and lots of great stuff.

    I thought Joe would win this challenge, too. I laughed out loud at the Sgt. Pepper's exchange between Blayne and Tim! It would surprise me if Blayne listens to any music other than 80's.

  2. I'd like to ask a few of the designers this question: "What part of 'Olympic Athlete' don't you get?"
    I could never match David Dust for recapability (he just cracks me up), but here's a few opinions of my own:
    Suede: cute, but in a teeny-bopper cheerleader kinda way. Can't see twirly-girly on an athlete.
    Terri: very nice. I would have liked to see her win.
    Daniel: too bad about the purple fabric. I think this could have worked with a white jacket of some kind.
    Jennifer: too tea-party!
    Jerrel: (he gets my 'what part of' question first!) no way, but at least there was some clever thought here. What thought, I don't know, but in another episode it coulda worked.
    Korto--nice, just what they asked for, and I'm glad she won if Terry couldn't. She was my second choice.
    Kelli--too 'country girl.'
    Stella--well, it might have been okay if a)she did it in white and b)she didn't have that cutout. I know athletes are in tip-top shape, but exposed navels don't belong in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. BTW, when Stella wears her hair back off her face, she isn't half-bad looking, IMHO.
    And Tim's reaction to Blayne was just priceless!

  3. Oh, one more thing, then I'll stop blabbing. It seems to me that there are two things the PR judges won't tolerate: boring and poorly made. Which is why I think Jerrel was safe this week. His outfit, while having little or nothing to do with the Olympics, was neither boring nor poorly made!

  4. Hahaha Mom2fur about project runway! right on!

    Becky thank you! for such nice comments and mentioning my stretch fabrics post! You rule!


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