August 28, 2008

Should it stay or should it go now?

Ah, it's that time of year again. The time where I look through my closet, trying to figure out what on earth to wear for work, because it's not quite cold enough for things with sleeves and not quite warm enough for things without (we're having what seems to be unusually cool weather for the end of August. Usually it doesn't feel like this until mid-September!), and realizing that there's things in there that I haven't worn all summer. Which then raises the question...should I keep them?

It's always such a dilemma for me. Especially when it comes to things I made. There's an emotional attachment that generally isn't there for things that I bought. And the garden center job certainly complicated things somewhat, because I'm wearing a lot more of my work t-shirt than I normally would. And the things like that skirt that I like, but just didn't have the right top for, or vice versa. Or that shirt that I like the concept of, but it never quite had the right fit. So what do I do with these things? Do I take the time to reconstruct them/find something to match/tweak the fit? Or just let them go to make space for new things?

Quick thoughts on PR last night. I think I've finally decided that my favorite designer of the bunch is Korto. Her fashions consistently get high marks, I like her style, and she seems to be not quite as mean as a lot of the others. That being said, Leann has really grown on me lately too, and I am glad she won last night. It was definitely an innovative dress, though one I would never wear myself because frankly, my hips don't need the help. I did like Jarell's too, and Kenley's air filter skirt thing. I have to admit I felt a little bad for Stella-- after all, she was trying to break out of her usual mode. It just didn't work, that's all. And I'm not surprised Keith went. His outfit was kind of ordinary, and I think his little rant about criticism from the judges just put a whole lot of nails in his coffin. And I'm still amused that they made clothes out of cars.

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  1. Leann really surprised me! Who knew she could do 'interesting'? You know I've found her to be a bore, but she stepped out of that dull little box last night and really did a great job.
    I like Korto, too. I bet she'll be in the top 3.
    Now, see, in the beginning I thought Stella would take this particular challenge, with all the leatheriness involved. Sometimes, it's not a good idea to step out of your comfort zone, is it? I'm glad, though, that she didn't go home. She's weird, but I like her.


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