April 17, 2011

I'm baaaack...

....and I survived the crazy busy week. Even got some unexpected time to recuperate yesterday--I was originally scheduled to work at my retail job, but the weather was horrible yesterday and I was scheduled for the outdoor register, so I got a call telling me to stay home since they weren't expecting enough business for 2 cashiers. So instead, my best friend came over, we watched Tangled and a whole lot of The Big Bang Theory, and she crocheted while I knitted.

(No pictures in this post, since I'm writing it spur-of-the-moment and it's too dark to get any decent pics. But I have lots of links.)

Still working on that wrap. It looks like it's about 47" long now, which is actually what the pattern calls for. I'm debating whether I want to make it a bit longer, since I've still got something like 1 2/3 balls of the yarn left. (Apparently I quite overestimated how much I would need. Except it looks like it's a lot longer in the picture. This one just barely wraps around me.) But then, it's rather tempting to just knit the 3 rows I'd need to finish it off so I can move on to something else! It'll get a little longer when I block it, right?

I also started my next sewing project today, which is going to be view C of New Look 6967. I had to do some fitting modifications to the front of the pattern, which hopefully will work out all right. And I got everything cut out this time--impressive for me, since I usually get lazy by the time I get to interfacing and don't actually cut it out until I need it to complete that step. I'm making it a little more complicated for myself by almost completely underlining it--mostly so I won't have to deal with the lack of opacity issues that white fabric tends to have. The only things I'm not underlining are the facings and one half of the collar, since they'll be interfaced instead. And I'm actually using a piece of the silk organza for the interfacing, as an experiment. So far, I've got the basting done on about half the pieces--I'm actually doing a blend of hand- and machine-basting for that. (Hand-basted the sleeves, the organza to the facings, and the darts on the back, but I machine-basted the outer edges of the back.) I still have to do the front and the front facings. I don't think this will take very long to sew together once all of the prepwork is done, though. Especially since I'll probably just serge the seams to finish them.

And now it's stashbusting confession booth time. Though I'm subtracting about 2 yards with this blouse (not counting the underlining fabric, which I did not add the total in and I used up all but scraps so it evens out), I'll be adding something like 5 1/2 yards once my Fabric.com order comes in. It's all Nicole's fault, really. She had the idea that it would be fun to make some Anthropologie-inspired aprons, and asked me if I wanted to get together to sew some. Which sounded fun, as well as practical since I tend to be messy when I cook. I did look in the stash first, and didn't see anything that would really work for such a project. So I think I'm excused on those two pieces. But the blame lies solely on me for the 2 1/2 yards of cotton print that I spotted that would make a really fun Crescent Skirt. Then, to make matters worse, I made the mistake of looking in the 65% off clearance section of the yarn portion of their website, and found a linen-acrylic blend that perfectly went with said skirt fabric. So of course I just had to buy it. I'm thinking a less low-cut (if I can figure out how to make it so) version of this.

So not only am I canceling out something like the last 3 projects I did for this fabric purchase, I now seem to be acquiring a yarn stash. I've got yarn for all 6 of the things in my Ravelry queue, and even if I do make the wrap long enough to finish out the current ball, I'll still have one left. Plus I still have yarn left from the beret, too. Drat. At least I'll end up using the apron fabrics almost right away.


  1. You know, that cotton print makes me think of Andrew Bird.

    Just saying. ;)

  2. My first musical association was a song by A Fine Frenzy called "Bird of the Summer." (It's pretty. There's a flute in it.) But that works too.

    Though I'd think more of Andrew Bird if, say, it was a print of a sea sea anemone. ;) (Which I have to admit that I kind of want something that has one.)

  3. Sounds like you are super busy with some great projects lined up. Don't you just love Big Bang Theory?! It's one of our family's favourite shows...

  4. Seeing as I wrote up that vest pattern you linked to, I can tell you quickly how to make it less low-cut: Just start the v-neck decreases later (higher up) and do them more quickly (like every row or whatever). : )


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