November 4, 2008

Taming the Pants Monster, Part 1

Or, Why It's A Darn Good Thing I'm Making A Muslin, or, Mental Note To Self: I Am Not A Glamour Girl.
So here's the scoop: I really need to learn to make pants that fit me. And I have to stop procrastinating now, because I need to get this pantsuit done within the next month and a half. I'm using the Classic Nouveaux pants from HotPatterns (my first time using this brand). And I cut the muslin out tonight.
In the process of doing so, I learned that I had apparently ordered the wrong size. I know I read the webpage, I don't know how I missed this. But I went by my bra size, which led me to "Glamour Girl"...and somehow, based on my measurements (and not counting my bra size), I should really be in the second-largest size of "Slinky Girl."
Mental note to self: Never order patterns based on bra size again. Unless I actually decide to make a bra or something related to such.
So what it comes to is, I'm making a size too big. So this muslin will be interesting to fit.
And wrapping it up there, because I have microwave chocolate cake calling my name in the kitchen!

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  1. Oh how frustrating! I'm sure you'll get it worked out nicely.

    Enjoy that cake!


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