November 14, 2008

Taming the Pants Monster, part 4a (plus some)

A visual aid to the last pants post--the trimmed-down pieces overlaid with the original pattern.

Had to trim down the outer side seams...

...change the angle and depth of the back crotch...

...and the most dramatic one-- look how much I have to take out of the yoke!!

I also got the pattern pieces cut out for my jacket. I'm glad I cut them out first, because I was going cross-eyed with some of the smaller pieces, the lines were so close together! I can't imagine trying to trim them at the same time that I was cutting the fabric!!

In other news, I've joined the Sew Craft Blog-- Sharon told us about it, and the concept is pretty neat. It groups 15 crafters together to form a mini-blog community of sorts. I've been placed in the still-forming group #3. Adding the links to the list of blogs I'm following as I get them, and will post on the sidebar once the group is fully made. I'm excited to see how this turns out!


  1. Hey Sew Blog bud. I've bookmarked your pants post. I've only done one pair of pants and they weren't pretty. That's what the winter is for though... right? Happy sewing.

  2. Oh! You joined a group! I think you'll find it fun to connect with others in your group. I've been enjoying reading new (to me) blogs.

  3. i am very impressed, my mom is an incredible sewer and wont venture near pants :)

    hi, i am hillary!


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