September 22, 2010

Self-Stitched September, Days 19-21

Because I haven't taken today's pictures yet. Most of these are for Sunday, though.

Day 19:

The Details:
Top-- Self-stitched, Simplicity 5595 (another one that pre-dates the blog)
Skirt--Self-stitched, a repeat of the "Baby's In Black" skirt.
Shoes- Payless
Necklace- a green amber one that my parents gave me for Christmas one year-- I saw it in a catalog and fell in love with it, so my mom tracked it down. It's so Elven-looking. I love it.

The Context: 
This is what I wore for church today.

It was also cool enough this morning to wear my self-stitched lightweight jacket--from a modified Vogue 1266 (shortened quite a bit). This is another pre-blog one. The outside is denim... the inside needed to be more fun.

(I'm thinking I may need to do some retrospective posts when this is all done, to showcase some of these older projects!)

Sunday was also "Talk Like A Pirate" day, and I love silly made-up holidays like that, so I decided to celebrate with my outfit a bit while I was bumming around at home and sewing.. Since it was still warmer, I just left the skirt on (it's comfortable) and switched to this self-made pirate t-shirt that I did a couple of years ago (around when Pirates of the Caribbean was out and I was very much in a piratey mood.) Just a basic t-shirt that I rehemmed to a nicer length, and I also did the pirate stencil on it.

Day 20:

Now this was another slacker day-- between work at the garden center, needing to do some cleaning before C. came over for some crafting and Farscape/season premiere of Chuck viewing, and actually taking some time to exercise (and then needing to shower afterward), I didn't actually get dressed for real until 5 PM! So I kept it simple with this thrifted black shirt that I self-stitched the daisies around the neckline on. (This was just a quickly snapped picture from around 11 PM, which was the only time I had to take it, so please ignore the fact that I looks like I'm ready to eat your brains. Braaaaaaaains....)

Day 21: Ahhhh, that's better. No more zombie face.

The Details: 
Top: Self-stitched, the Kaylee tunic
Pants: Self-stitched, a repeat of the band teacher pantsuit pants
Earrings: Self-made
Shoes: purchased

The Context: 
Another of my more intense teaching days, since this is the drive-around one. And shiny shirts are always fun.


  1. Love the kimono sleeved top. Do you have black pants? If you do they'd made a great team.

  2. I do have black pants! And I think that is a combo I've used with that shirt before...I've had it for awhile.


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