September 28, 2010

Self-Stitched September, Days 22-28

To be perfectly honest, I haven't had a whole lot of time over the last several days to photograph. So you're going to get a lot of crappy pics. Sorry. And since I've got several days to post and not a lot of time to do it, I'm going to be focusing mainly on the self-stitched elements.

Day 22:
The Details: 
Blouse: Self-stitched, "Spring Fever" blouse
Purchased capris/sandals/camisole....don't remember what jewelry I wore this day. :-(

The Context: This past Wednesday was a super-busy teaching day for me  And also still a fairly warm one--not sure how fallish this looks, but it was comfortable.

 Day 23:
The Details: 
Top: Self-stitched, "French Vanilla"
Purchased capris/sandals, thrifted sweater
Jewelry: self-made, "Autumn Leaves"

The Context:
A little bit of teaching, then dinner at Boston Market and Bible study with my friends. I wore the sleeveless top because it was still warm, and the basement where we meet usually gets really hot once everyone's in there, but I was glad I thought to brought the sweater because it was actually a bit chilly this time!

And here's a closeup of the jewelry on me--this is one of my go-to sets this time of year.

Day 24:
 The Details:
Skirt: self-stitched, sort of.... it was purchased from Dharma Trading Company, but I did the embroidery.
Top/sandals: purchased
Jewelry: the Celtic malachite set that I showed before.

The Context: 
Off work again. So this was a good pick for a day of chilling around the house and sewing. Though I do have to confess that I changed before the evening-- I was going to a party in which the main draw was busting out all of those games that we used to play as kids, and I knew Twister was going to be involved so I needed to dress appropriately--no v-necks, and definitely no skirts!
 A closeup of the embroidery.

Day 25:

The Details:
Top/sandals: purchased
Jewelry: same as 2 days ago
Skirt: Self-stitched, "Dirty Hippie" skirt 

The Context:
I had a family bridal shower to attend today, for my cousin's fiancee. I wasn't sure how dressy it would be, so a casual skirt was just the ticket.

 Day 26: 
The Context:
Pants/cami/shoes: purchased
Print top: thrifted
Sweater: Self-stitched, "Sweater Song" cardi
Belt: ModCloth
Necklace: Lia Sophia

The Details: 
I was scheduled to work on tech crew at church today--operating a video camera this time, which involves sitting on an elevated platform. Clearly, a skirt or dress was out of the question. And since it was cooler and rainy today (and my church is always cold anyway), layers were the way to go! I'll be honest, though-- I ended up ditching the belt before I left the house. This is the time of year when my seasonal allergies are the worst, and that often results in me feeling easily nauseated in the mornings. So having an elastic band around my waist and pressing on my stomach was just not doing it for me that day!

Day 27:
The Details: 
Blouse-- self-stitched, the "Chevron" blouse
Sneakers: Payless
Jewelry: self-made, but no closeup pic yet. Sorry.

The Context: 
This outfit was kind of a rush job-- it's the same jeans I wore to my retail job, with the blouse thrown on to take it out of the realm of too casual to teach. (Not that the adult student I have, my only one on Mondays, cares. But still.) I knew I wouldn't be wearing this for long, since I went rock climbing last night with some friends, so I didn't feel like going all out. (Incidentally, I also discovered that I feel a LOT more comfortable in this blouse with a cami underneath! But the one that matches best is the one I'd worn the day before.)

Day 28 (today):
The Details:
I'm scraping by on a technicality today-- I made the jewelry, but the top was thrifted, and the rest of my clothes were regular store-bought.

The Context: 
Another away-from-home teaching day. And I think that by this point in the month, I'm getting a little burned-out on the challenge. I was looking in my closet after my retail job today, and nothing I had sewn was inspiring me at all. Out of everything I haven't already worn this month, it was either too warm or too cold to pull it out. (Except for a couple of my skirts, but I was not feeling a skirt today either.) So I figured that secondhand is the next best thing to homemade for the purposes of this challenge, and it's days like this that are the reason I added the accessory clause.

Two more days. And I will certainly have thoughts to write once this challenge is done. So I'll save it for then.

In the meantime, I've also been making some jewelry (Sunday's activity), and I have some stuff percolating in my head there. And now that I'm basically done dinner, other than the apple pie in the fridge that's calling my name, I'm planning on fully taking advantage of a bit of unexpected free time to work some more on salvaging that dress....with any luck, I'll have a new shirt by the time this month is out!


  1. Love the embroidered shirt and the blouse in the first picture. Have you considered wearing them together?

  2. Oops - I actually meant skirt not shirt!

  3. Actually, I never had thought of wearing them together...will have to consider that! I'm usually boring and always wear the skirt with a solid top. :)

  4. I love that spring fever blouse! It's such a pretty color and looks really good on you.


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